Monday, April 18, 2011

What's Holding You Back?

Here's an excellent post on "11 Reasons You Won't Get Published" (aka, The 11 Deadly Writing Sins)
The Write Thing

My two biggest problems are #2 and #3, Abandonment and Shyness.


I've gotten really good at sticking to my writing schedule. And when something interferes with that schedule, I generally have an "I'm not going to bed until I get some writing done," so I usually get at least a little writing done every day, Monday through Friday.

My problem is abandoning ideas. Yes, some story ideas really are bad ideas, but I think I give up too quickly sometimes. Some ideas make great stories, they just don't sound great in extra-short summation. For example:

An evil car turns it's owner into a bully (Christine);
Egyptian Gods are really space aliens (Stargate);
A shark terrorizes a town (Jaws; what's the threat? Just stay out of the damn water);
A dome falls onto a town (Under the Dome).

Okay, maybe that last one is lame even in full-length form; but you get the idea. Some ideas deserve more exploration and shouldn't be abandoned just because their quick summation is lame. I need to give my ideas more of a fighting chance and at least explore them for a few pages.


I have a weird twist on the shyness problem: I don't have a problem sending my work out for acceptance/rejection; I have a problem with people seeing it after it's published! I'm not afraid of people seeing a story and saying, "This is too awful to publish." I have a problem with people saying, "How the hell did this ever manage to get published?" Go figure. This translates into a problem promoting my published work and with putting up excerpts of my published work. And it's something I'm definitely going to have to get over because it's going to hold my writing career back.

Identifying your personal writing roadblocks is the first step to fixing them.

Which of the 11 Deadly Writing Sins are holding you back?


  1. Sometimes you just need to hold the snippets of ideas a little longer. Let them ferment and maybe pair up with another idea or two that's lurking in the back of your mind.

    Maybe just look at the self-promotion as a promotional task. Try to take the emotion out of it.

    Just my two cents! :)

  2. Thanks for the tips. These are definitely two things I'm going to have to "cowboy-up" about and get over.

    Thanks for stopping by and commenting. :)


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