Monday, September 19, 2011

What was your most-loved library book?

I was perusing the prompts over at NaBloPoMo and found this one:

What book did you always take out from the school library?

I spent a lot of time in both my school library and the public library when I was growing up (back in the days before we had the interwebs, lol), so I've got a long library-book history. But the one I remember checking out all the time was the Hodgepodge book. I don't remember much about it, but I remember the feeling of joy that I got every time I read it. It seems like it had a lot of folklore in it, some great stories, and a lot of rhymes--some of them a little saucy! Of course, they just probably seemed saucy back then.

So I looked it up on Amazon and discovered that I'm not the only one that was always checking it out. Check out some of the reviews for the book: The Hodgepodge Book on

The only thing I'm confused about is the publication date on the Amazon listing. I know I read the book before 1986, so this one has to be a reprint (one of the reviewers also talks about reading it in the 70's, which is when I would have been reading it).

I may have to pick up a copy for the sake of nostalgia. Or if you have young readers, I'd recommend it for them (just check it for any saucy limericks first, lol).

What about you: what book did you check out of the library all the time?


  1. Oh, this brings back memories! The weekly trip to the library was a highlight of my childhood. I had a similar experience when I came across a used copy of 'Free to Be You and Me' which was the book companion to an educational TV series that I adored as a child.

    My favorite story featured was about a pushy girl who always insisted on being first, 'Me first," she'd cry. This worked well for her until she was captured by cannibals who were deciding who to eat first. I can still recall the cartoon drawing of the big black caldron that she ended up in. Ah, the early roots of why I write horror...

  2. I never really went to the library much as a child, although I was addicted to running to the bookstore to get babysitter's club books. So if I had... those are definitely what I would have been borrowing. Finally got a library card in college and I tend to check out mostly biographies.


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