Saturday, October 16, 2010

2011 Muse Online Writers Conference

I almost forgot: sign-up is open for the 2011 Muse Online Writers Conference. If you are a writer, this conference will have something you'll find beneficial. There are pitch sessions with publishing houses, lots of classes full of useful information, and lots of networking. You can sign up here:

Just scroll down to the bottom block where it says, "I am attending the 2011 Conference (VOTE in the Poll) and follow the instructions in the thread. It's easy as pie to sign up, and the conference is phenomenol. My big focus this year was taking classes on marketing and building your author brand. I also took classes on descriptive writing, creating memorable characters, and writing sizzling love scenes. I'll still be sifting through the info I've collected during the conference WELL into 2011!"

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