Sunday, October 17, 2010

Website is finally "Live"

After much hair-pulling and grinding of teeth, the website is finally live. You can see it here:

I'm still not sure if I'm completely pleased. At the Muse Online Writer's Conference, the advice on web pages was fairly equally divided.

One school of thought felt the site should be as simple and clean as possible. It is (in all reality) an on-line resume and thus should look presentable, professional, and polished. Keeping it simple also means it will display correctly for people using older browsers, and will keep the pages from taking forever to display for those who have slow internet connections.

The other school of thought felt the site should have pop and pizzaz. It should be visually interesting to catch the reader's interest and draw them in; lots of graphics, lots of animations, lot of goodies and fun stuff.

I went with the simple school, partly because I agree with the logic and partly because it's easier for me to "code" and get the site up where people can see it. Plus, there's the example set by the "biggies":  if you look at the sites of most of the big authors (I used Stephen King as my reference site), their sites are pretty simple in design. They have some scripts and banners and such, but the layout is usually simple and uncluttered, and the color is usually limited to "just a dash" (King's color scheme is black text on a white background). If simple is good enough for the biggies, then it's good enough for me. 

Of course, I can add some jazzy scripts and fancy banners and stuff later. The important thing is that it's out there, waiting for readers to drop by.

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