Friday, November 12, 2010

My fear of steel wool doesn't seem so weird in comparison

During a break from writing my NaNo novel, I browsed a few phobia sites, pondering ideas for the next piece I'm going to write (what? There's life after NaNo?).

Phobias are excellent horror story fodder. Especially ones that are common--but not too common. I'm really not interested in doing any fears so common that they are practically cliche: an arachnophobe gets attacked by spiders, a clausterphobe gets trapped in a cave, an agoraphobe gets trapped with thousands of people (like in a hurricane "shelter"--real life horror, indeed).

I want something different . . . something unusual. I found several I could work with. But some are so strange that even I can't imagine how to make a horror story out of them:

Barophobia: fear of gravity. Barophobics fear that gravity will crush them or that gravity will fail and they'll float away;

Logophobia: fear of words (an unimaginable phobia, to me);

Xanthophobia: fear of the color yellow;

Parthenophobia: fear of virgins (this fear is about to become an endangered species);

Heliophobia: fear of the sun (though this one makes sense for vampires; who knew people really suffered from it);

I don't mean to make light of people's fears--I mean, I'm afraid of steel wool, so who am I to talk! But some of these just seem so "out there," that I couldn't imagine anyone ever actually suffering from them!

So what are your phobias? Or what's the strangest phobia you've ever heard of?

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