Saturday, November 20, 2010

Welcome to Fright Night!

I browsed for more information today on the remake of Fright Night. I'm actually looking forward to this remake. I liked the original, because I love the purposeful blending of horror and humor (and who doesn't love Roddy McDowall?). I'm interested in seeing what they do in the remake to "modernize" it (as long as they don't take out the intentional humor--then I'd be ticked).

I'm not clear on the release date, though. Most of the links I looked at had it set for October, 2011, but a few said it had been moved up to August.

Interesting little bit of trivia: the other actors in the movie continued on in a variety of movies and t.v. shows. The actor who played "Evil" Ed Thompson went on to a successful career in . . . um . . . "adult entertainment."

My favorite quote from the original movie is from "Evil" Ed: "Oh, you're so COOL, Brewster!" (You have to hear it to understand; he delivers it with a deliciously maniacal giggle). Do you suppose he uses that maniacal giggle in his new movies? Eek!

Here are a few links for more info on the new Fright Night:



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