Sunday, March 1, 2015

March 2015 Update

I found out on the blastr site that '70s Superhero series Electra Woman and Dyna Girl is getting a revival.

I don’t remember Electra Woman, but it got me thinking about some of the old superhero and science fiction shows I used to love.

Yes, it was as cheesy as the screenshots look, but for some reason, I liked it far more than Wonder Woman.

I didn’t watch a lot of tv or movies when I was young, so I think Automan was my first “movie star” crush. Figures, my first crush would be on a hologram.

This show, remade, would probably go over VERY well today given the popularity of shapeshifter romance. Just sayin’.


Both of which were fascinating for their “what kind of mess will the characters get themselves into this week” storylines.

Not sure why I like this one, since Aquaman sucks. ;)
And let’s not forget
In search of…

It’s a tv series that investigates unsolved mysteries (like UFOs and Bigfoot) and was narrated by Leonard Nimoy. You can buy the complete series at Amazon, and here’s the IMDB page: In Search of

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Currently Writing:

I’m currently working on polishing and updating a couple of reprints to send back out into the world, and I’ve made some progress on the first draft of my killer bee story.

I finished the first draft of the other story I was working on (working title: Unwanted Guest). It came in at 7845 words, which means I need to cut it down a lot to make it more marketable. Five thousand words is the sweet spot for most markets, though a lot of markets won’t take anything over two thousand. There’s no way in hell I’m going to be able to cut this story that short and still retain the suspense/creep factor. In my first cut pass, I was able to cut 600 words…only 2500 left to go!


Currently Reading:

I finished The Plague of the Undead. The book had some really great new ideas in a genre where a lot of the books are “the same old, same old.”

Now I’m reading The Best Horror of the Year Volume One, edited by Ellen Datlow.

I’ve only read a couple of stories so far, but they seem very familiar, so I’m beginning to think I’ve read the book before (I lose track of what I have/haven’t read very easily).

And I’m still working on All that is Solid. It’s a very slow-moving book, so I read it in small chunks.

~ ~ ~

See you next month!

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