Friday, May 1, 2015

May 2015 Update

Thanks to an early Spring, missed blog posts have resumed early! My only excuse is that when you live in a place where winter lasts nine months, you have every right to drop everything and try to enjoy nice weather every chance you get!

Of course, enjoying the nice weather means not only the blog suffers, but my writing in general. I'm STILL working on the same stories I was in March (my killer bee story, my "unwanted guest" story that made it to first draft and not much further). I did accomplish some revisions on older stories and get a few reprints sent out, but haven't progressed much in the "new writing" department.

In spite of that, two of my stories have been published recently:

"Sympathy for the Devil" is available in Hysterical Realms (Alternate Hilarities 3);

"Inhuman Resources" is available in Black Chaos II: More Tales of the Zombie;

Both are comedies. In "Sympathy for the Devil," Satan has to learn to use social media like Facebook. In "Inhuman Resources," the world's largest retailer hires its first zombie employee.

Be sure to pick up your copies today!

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