Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Comic Relief & Weird News, Aug 10th

It's all about the incentives! Last week, it was a gold bar lottery for picking up your dog's poo, this week, it's pot for doing your civic duty. Free Pot in Exchange for Registering to Vote?

These things are everywhere around here! Who knew they might violate decency laws (depending on the state, of course)!
Dangling Fake Testicles Get Woman in Trouble

I can't even pick up a hunk of broccoli with chopsticks!
New Tool for Pickpockets: Chopsticks

No wonder their slogan used to be "Worth the trip!"
Dunkin' Donuts Worker's Deal Too Sweet

Awesome Infographic: Venn Diagram of Author Sensibility

From @funnyoneliners
I try to see the best in everyone. They, however, are trying harder to hide it from me.

From @funnyoneliners
I just checked the health/weight chart at the gym. Found out I'm four inches too short.

I've eaten at a couple of restaurants where everything was a crap stick.

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