Monday, August 22, 2011

Unplugging This Week

Last week, I accidentally unplugged and missed putting up my blog posts. This week, it's going to be intentional. I'm taking the week off . . . sort of.

Between back-to-school preparations, my mom's preparations/appointments for cancer treatment (radiation and radio-sensitizing chemotherapy), and the annual preparations for the slide into cooler weather, I'm going to have my hands full this week. I'm still writing whenever I can (write or die!), but all of it leaves little time for blogging and tweeting.

I'll be back next week, though I may reduce the blog schedule down to Mondays and Fridays and drop the Wednesday posts (my mother's treatments will be on Wednesdays). I'm playing it by ear until I see how tight my in-real-life schedule will be.

Have a good week!

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