Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Comic Relief & Weird News, May 11th

My favorite part of this story is the last line: "An Ohio highway patrol dispatcher told The Associated Press she didn't know the type of cereal involved." If it's some kind of breakfast grits or bran cereal, no big deal . . . but if it's something with marshmallows, that's a tragedy!
Crash Litters Ohio Turnpike with Breakfast Cereal

Sheesh! And I can't even get MY plants to last a year.
500-year-old Vine Survives Vandals

I need this kind of luck. If this had been me, the headline would have read, "Woman runs out of gas, gets attacked by flock of rabid hummingbirds, and car gets hit by a runaway dump truck." :)
Man Runs Out of Gas, Buys Lottery Ticket: Wins!

Uh . . . world's largest? How many "walk-thru purses" can there be?
World's Largest Walk-thru Purse

The 7 Most Impressively Lazy Employees of All Time

Oh my! My favorite is Chewbacca. Even worse . . . it's accurate!
Stereotyping You by Your Favorite Star Wars Character

Because I'm nosy:
A Peek Inside Famous Writers' Homes

From @funnyoneliners
I'm off for a quiet beer. Followed by fourteen noisy ones.

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  1. Loved the writers' homes. I've actually been to Hemmingway's Key West house. :)


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