Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Technical Difficulties

No weird news today due to technical difficulties.

For several years, I've been using Microsoft's OneCare as antivirus/firewall/security software without any problems. They discontinued it and replaced it with a free product, Microsoft Security Essentials. Less than a month after installing it, my main Internet computer acquired a major virus that took over the whole system (literally, it threw a pop-up no matter what resident program you tried to open; everything was infected). So much for Microsoft Security Essentials. But I guess you get what you pay for, right?

Fortunately, being the paranoid, untrusting soul I am, I had already purchased an alternative security system and installed it on my main computer. So it was only a matter of reformatting the hard drive on the Internet computer and installing the more robust security system.

However, the Internet computer is ancient, so the process of updating all the software is taking forever. I won't have full Internet access until the upgrades are done (being paranoid, I try to use only that specific computer on the Internet, so there's less risk of the other computer being infected--no Internet, no virus access . . . generally).

If all goes well, the blog will be back to its regular posting schedule tomorrow.

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