Saturday, January 15, 2011

We Heart Jerks?

Great article on the newest trend in television (in literary terms, the anti-hero).

The really funny part about this list is that I'm a big fan of "House" . . . now. I wasn't always. I have . . . um . . . a tendency toward jerk-i-ness at times (okay; maybe a lot of the time). When "House" first came out, my hubby was an instant fan. But I refused to watch the show because when Dr. House made a snarky comment about someone, hubby thought it was hilarious; when I made snarky comments about someone, I was being a negative b*tch. So I refused to watch "House" on the principal of "how come he gets to do it and I don't?" Fortunately, House eventually won me over and now I'm a big fan.

I still don't get to be a jerk, though. ;)

An interesting footnote, too: I'm less a fan of "House" since they've tried to make him nicer and more human. Not everybody needs fixing (thank-you-very-much)!

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