Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Walking Dead AND Stephen King? Squee!

While nothing is ever definite in Hollywood, it looks like a Cloverfield sequel might still be a possibility.
Cloverfield sequel? Someday
(and in the article sequence, the January post on Cloverfield news says, "it may never happen." You just gotta love the movie biz)!

Stephen King rumored to be
writing an episode of AMC's The Walking Dead
(doing a Snoopy happy dance)

I am a big fan of Alice, but the last movie left me disappointed. And now I'm confused: didn't Jill die already? (not that it matters in the world of the Umbrella Corp; death is only a minor inconvenience)
Resident Evil 5

Next installment of The Dark Tower and a time travel book
Stephen King's next two books

Another remake (of a remake, no less):
Cat People

Old news, but interesting:
10 Best Sci-Fi Shows Cancelled After One Season
I was nuts about Alien Nation. I loved those sour-milk swigging immigrants.
And to that list, I add two more shows that shouldn't have been cancelled:
Automan (I ♥ Cursor!)
Tremors: The Series (I ♥ Burt Gummer!)


  1. Well, the movies are based off the video games Resident Evils 1-5. Hollywood smashed the story lines and adding a new line which vaguely follows the orginal. The games are much better. Alice is a non existent character. Jill technically is just gone in the second movie but in the games , she tackled Wesker (blond dude) out a window to save Leon. In Resident Evil 5, Jill has that device on her chest that Leon and Sheeva take off. My huisband and I have bonded over first person Zombie shooter games :).

  2. I've never played the games, so thanks for bringing me up to speed.

    And the couple that plays together, stays together? ;)

    Thanks for stopping by and commenting!


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