Thursday, March 3, 2011

What shadows glide in the murky depths?

Given the somewhat recent discovery of prehistoric fish in China (the Coelacanth, thought to be long extinct), Nessie (or creatures like it) have become more plausible.

When you think about it, the possibilities are staggering. There are still a few remote areas of land that remain unexplored, but vast parts of the oceans and deep inland lakes/seas remain unexplored. It's a whole 'nother world down there. Who knows what's lurking in the murky depths, waiting for us to stumble upon it (or to stumble upon us).

I've always loved horror stories that featured creatures from the deep. Part of it is my own personal fear (I'm petrified of water). But the other part is the possibility: the water remains almost as unknown as outer space. Instead of aliens attacking from outer space, why not "aliens" that have been here all along, just biding their time hidden in the water?

And with the size of Loch Ness (covers almost 22 square miles and is 750 feet deep in places), there are a lot of places to hide.

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  1. Nessie is an integral part of the British psyche - of course she exists! (All those wonderful old sightings and photos...they must mean something...)

  2. I know! Just one more reason for me to stay out of the water . . . always!

    Thanks for stopping by and commenting! :)


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