Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Comic Relief & Weird News, Jun 1st

Oh, the irony!
Dairy Promoting Princess Lactose Intolerant

This report leaves too many unanswered questions:
No foul play expected? Really?
Okay, so how did she fall in?
What killed her?
Who stores their food in underground barrels in their backyard?
Woman Found Dead in Backyard Barrel

This little old lady bit the dentist, then climbed over the receptionist's desk and tried to shimmy out the window . . . and she was afraid the dentist was going to hurt HER?
I'm scared of this little old lady! Who is she, the little old lady from the movie Legion?
Elderly Woman, Dentist Fight Over Dentures

This . . . sounds . . . too crazy to be true. Do you suppose it was really an accident, or did some of his buddies bet him $50 bucks . . .?
Trucker Blows Up Like a Balloon After Falling on Air Hose

If We Used Animals Like the Flintstones

The 15 Stupidest Products of All Time

When the Boogeyman goes to sleep, he checks his closet for Chuck Norris.

From @funnyoneliners
You know you're getting old when the bank sends your free calendar one month at a time.

From @funnyoneliners
If you leave alphabet soup on the stove unattended, it could spell disaster.

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