Monday, June 6, 2011

May Wrap-Up / June Plans

I had a fantabulous weekend of fishing. We had to seek out new fishing holes because our old ones were all under water (the lake has been going up at least a foot every year). We did some exploring and found a couple of new hot spots. We did catch and release and I'm pretty sure we caught over 20 fish between us (hubby and I). He was like a kid at the amusement park: "Five more minutes. Let's stay five more minutes." The weather was perfect, the fish were biting like crazy, the birds were singing . . . it was a great day.

Of course, there's always a little good with the bad. Six hours in the sun left me red as a lobster, and I caught almost as many wood ticks as I did fish. Next time, I can't forget my sunscreen and tick repellent.

The weekend was great, but now it's time to get back to work.

The May wrap-up/June plan of attack

I finished Story-A-Day May! My goal was twenty-two new short stories, and I missed the mark by only one story. Even better, some of the short stories are actually pretty good, lol, and I plan on eventually revising/polishing them and sending them out into the world. And a couple of the stories have such depth and potential that I could easily turn them into a novel . . . maybe.

I sent one of my reprints back out into the world in May to see if I can find it a new home.

I finished a polished another half-done short story that had been sitting around. Hopefully it finds a home, too.

This week, I've set myself a do or die goal of FINALLY getting the much-neglected short, "Sympathy for the Devil" polished and sent out into the world. I started it just before I started on novel-revision, so the poor thing has been cast aside (but not forgotten). I'm going to get it finished and submitted.

Once the short is out into the world, then I can begin the next revision on my "Macha" novel. This one will be Draft #3. Hopefully, I worked out some of the biggest kinks in Draft #2 and this draft won't take as long (knock on wood).

And, if there's any time left over, I have two other shorts I want to work on for mid-July deadlines. One is a new short I'll be drafting from scratch, the other an unfinished short I'll finish and polish up. I hope I can do it, but I'm listing them in the "I'd like to get these done, but I'm just not sure if the miracle can happen" pile.

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