Friday, June 3, 2011

Horror, Fantasy, Sci-Fi: Spec-Fic Friday, June 3rd

Get Your Geek On: Summer Sci-Fi and Fantasy

Two Major Sci-Fi Blockbusters Lose Their Directors

18 Sci-Fi Drunk Scenes That Are Funnier Than Anything You'll See in Hangover 2

Sigh. New York City AND Dark Shadows AND (maybe) Johnny Depp? A dream vacation for sure.
2011 Dark Shadows Festival in New York City

I just can't get past that's it's not set on Mars this time . . .
Total Recall Reboot Gets Kate & Jessica

I read a headline about how the X-Men First Class director added a love song to the movie to attract women. I skipped that headline and moved onto this one:
How Torchwood Plans to Gross Us Out by Going All Walking Dead
Obviously, I'm not in the "women" group that the X-Men director is targeting. Pass on love songs/love scenes, jump on "gross us out" . . . that's me.
And I wish I had Starz channel so I could see "Torchwood."

I would love to see another Riddick film. Pitch Black had an interesting premise and a sharp, indie feel to it; Chronicles of Riddick was delicious eye-candy with a gothic, epic feel and Macbeth-style plot. I'd love to see what they plan next.
Diesel Not So "Fast" to Make Another Riddick Film

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