Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Comic Relief & Weird News, Jun 22nd

I've eaten a lot of crappy burgers, but nothing like this!
Meat Made from Poop Hits Japan

Whoever invented this is going to make a fortune! I know a lot of scifi guys who would kill for one of these. It's on the "dream list" right there beside jet pack and flying car.
Chinese Sex Robot
(FYI: the article and accompanying photo are not explicit; the video link mentioned in the article did not appear for me, so I'm not if it is appropriate for all audiences or not; but the article is okay).

Sex Robot? Check! Jetpack? Check! Flying Car? Flying Car? Awwww.
Jet Pack Man Soars Above the Waters

You knew it was coming . . . another story about cremated remains.
Woman Finds Staples, Glass in Dad's Ashes

Funny picture (NSFW)
What Barbed Wire is Really Telling You

Another funny picture
Shoplifter Warning
I need this one for my yard; replace "Shoplifters" with "Trespassers."

A Diagram of Geek Culture

From @ChuckNorriz
Chuck Norris doesn't throw up after a long night of partying, he throws down!

From @funnyoneliners
If you're talking about a creature that just wants to gulp down a huge meal and then sleep all day, then yes, I would call myself a cougar.

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