Thursday, February 10, 2011

ET Go Home

I'll admit it: I believe in UFOs. My favorite show when I was younger was "Project Blue Book," about the secret government agency that handled UFO encounters. I think it's a reasonable belief: with all the planets in all the universe, is it likely that we are the only life? Probably not. And if there are other life forms, is it reasonably plausible that some life form may have evolved beyond us and be capable of more advanced space travel? Plausible. 

I've had experience with unidentified flying objects. These experiences may have perfectly reasonable explanations . . . but they remain unexplained so far. So for now, they remain UFOs.

I've had two experiences with green objects falling through the sky. I've seen meteors come far into the atmosphere before and they usually don't glow green--perhaps the reasonable explanation in these cases is that some kind of atmospheric condition caused these two examples to glow green.

One happened when we were moving from the air force base to a local small town. Something large and green streaked low across the sky. It looked like it was barely over tree tops, but at a distance it's hard to tell; could have been several thousand feet up. But whatever it was, it was huge. Based on its size relative to the treetops, it looked the size of a Volkswagen. It either crashed very far off (never heard any boom) or didn't crash at all (burned up . . . or flew off).

The second green object was only a few years ago. I was out in the back yard late at night when I spotted a green dot in the sky. I thought it was a plane, but it kept getting bigger and bigger, like it was coming toward me. It suddenly increased speed and streaked crosswise across the sky. Halfway across the sky, it veered again and shot straight upward and disappeared into the sky. I don't think meteors go up.

But the scariest encounter with something unidentified happened to a me and a friend back when we were teenagers. We were walking around our small town late one winter evening. It was overcast and the street lights were on. When we stepped out of the circle of one street light, I noticed we could still see our shadows. We looked up, and something was hovering below the clouds. It was big, and bright, but we couldn't make out the shape because of the lights on the bottom of it. We watched it for a second, and then it darted back into the clouds. The really freaky part is that we could see it in the clouds as it moved away from us, because it was so bright it was lighting them up from the inside. While we stood there looking at each other, not believing what we'd just scene, several fighter jets whizzed overhead, traveling in the direction the glowing thing had disappeared.

Definitely not a meteor. Experimental government vehicle? Maybe. Who knows.

But these encounters are probably the reason so many of my stories include creatures from the skies.

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  1. This past fall I was driving my kids to school when I noticed a jet contrail in the sky that made a 90 degree turn. A big giant L in the sky with a tiny, metallic, grain of rice-like cylinder nearby. I've seen a lot of planes, but this just didn't look like one (where were the wings?) and I have never seen a contrail do a right-angle turn before. Kind of freaky!

  2. Spooky, isn't it? You know things aren't supposed to move that way and just can't believe your eyes when they do!

    Thanks for stopping by and commenting!


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