Sunday, February 6, 2011

RIP MySpace?

Although I'm a member of almost every social networking site out there, I'm really only active on two: Facebook and Twitter. The rest of my social networking accounts are fed daily updates from Twitter, ping, and this blog. Once a month, I actually log into each of the sites to make sure things are working and to keep my accounts active.

While doing the logging in this month, I realized something: MySpace is dead.

So when did it die? And who killed it? And why?

When I dived into the social networking sites (back in October--not that long ago), everyone considered Twitter, Facebook, and MySpace the big three. "If you sign up for nothing else, at least do those three," they advised. Here it is less than six months later, and I've already forgotten about MySpace. I give it the same attention as FriendFeed or Jaiku.

It's too bad, really, because I actually liked MySpace better originally (I'm a sucker for the status emoticon, I know). But all the action is happening on Twitter and Facebook.

What do you think? Is MySpace dead, or are you still active there? Should I be giving it more attention, or should I let it go the way of the Jaiku?

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