Saturday, February 5, 2011

Zombies and Chuck Norris, Yay!

This is so true. I'm guilty of constantly making up back-story for people I see in public as well as needing my family to comfort me over the death of a character. I've also worn out the "J" key on my laptop, written plot notes on toilet paper with an eyeliner (don't ask), and I do worry what government authorities will think if they see my Google search history (it's a running joke in our house: if the men in black w/ earpieces show up at the door, run).
You Know You're a Writer . . .

I've played the Chuck Norris game at the bar, so I love this (legendary writers respect, too)!
20 Neil Gaiman Facts

Click on the zombies to make beautiful music (there's probably something seriously wrong with me since I find this endlessly amusing).
The Zombie Tabernacle Choir

I so want one of these. It fits in with my "Burt Gummer, always be prepared" philosophy ("backup-backup generator").

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