Friday, February 25, 2011

Links for Writers, Feb. 25th

Includes links for further resources to help you on the road to publication.

How to Get Published

I don't just recommend this resource because sometimes my links are in it, lol. Lots of great links here.

Tips for Writers

Top Ten Author Promotion Missteps

Write a Better Novel

Writer's Resource Directory

Get a weekly writing prompt from Poets & Writers Magazine

I use this technique in the novel I'm currently revising. The antagonist is essentially who the protagonist will be if she doesn't change her ways.

Mirroring Heroes & Villains

Great places for readers to hang out; great places for writers to find and interact with their "customers."

If you like/care about your protagonist, your reader probably will, too.

Building Our Protagonist
And last but not least, the oh-so-important story question

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