Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Wacky Wednesday News

The best part of the story? Where the police spokesman says "the toilet and materials were arranged in a way that raised suspicion." Graffiti covered toilet on sidewalk in front of office: no big deal. Toilet and materials arranged in shape of Orion's Belt: now that's suspicious!

Suspicious Toilet With Phone Not Dangerous

Now this sounds like my kind of race! I'd run two miles for a Krispy Kreme. Mmmm.

Runners Dash 2 Miles, Scarf Doughnuts, Sprint Back

It wasn't the para sailing that killed him, it was all the celebratory cheeseburgers afterwards.

Russia's Parasailing Donkey Dies of a Heart Attack

More embarrassing local news. I swear, people, all of us who live here are NOT like this!
"Look! A dead raccoon."
"Cool. Let's keep it."
Yanks stiff "dead" (more likely in frozen-stasis) raccoon out of snowbank.
Coach: "Sure. Toss it in the back of the bus with everybody's luggage."
And yes, although this article doesn't mention it, my local paper reported this story and stated that the coaches and adults on the bus knew the team was hauling around a dead raccoon. WTF!

ND Team Exposed to Raccoon Pulled From Tournament

And this one's sure to create a lot of outrage. I thought my state would get "alcoholism" (I'd always heard that my state has the highest alcohol-consumption rate in the US), but instead it got "ugliest residents." Maybe the two are related.

Why Your State Sucks

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