Wednesday, February 2, 2011

They're all yo-yos, if you ask me

Bouquets with a chocolate bouquet? They'll make a fortune!

As someone who used to collect novelty lighters, I can see how this could happen.
Grenade Mistaken for Cigarette Lighter
Now I keep my grenades and my novelty-grenade-shaped-lighters separate.

Now here's a guy who plans ahead.
Man checks into jail with joints sewn in underwear

Think they'll throw the book at her? (yeesh)
Woman pleads guilty in ketchup attack on library

Spend the days before the apocalypse vacationing in sunny France? Sounds good to me.
Will This Mysterious French Town Survive the End of the World?

This could have been so much worse: the headline could have been, "Dozens Killed in Giant Yo-Yo Fail."
Plans for the world's biggest yo-yo spin out of control

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