Sunday, February 13, 2011

New Blog Schedule

Thanks to revision taking more time than I had originally thought, I need to free up a little more time to concentrate on the novel. The blog schedule is changing a wee bit and weekend posts will be dropped.

The new schedule will be:

Monday: From the Desk of . . . (the writing life);

Tuesday: Your Frightly News (spec-fic related info, upcoming book and movie releases, rants about remakes, etc.);

Wednesday: Wacky Wednesday (weird news as usual, but also funny stuff that normally was on the schedule for Saturday);

Thursday: Things that go Bump in the Night (creatures, real and imagined);

Friday: Brother Can You Spare a Link (links for writers).

As you can see, the only real changes are that Goulash is dropped (Sunday) and Saturday's funny stuff is moved in with Wednesday's Weird News.

Hopefully this new schedule will free up the extra time needed for the intensive revision and get the process back on track.


  1. Genius, I keep meaning to create a blog schedule but never stick with it.

  2. It helps a lot. I always know what I'm supposed to be doing for each day's post. I'd probably get bored and wander off after something sparkly if I didn't have a guide, lol.


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