Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Best and Worst Horror Movies of 2010

Time for a look back at the best and worst horror films of 2010. I'll have to rely on the experts here, since I almost never go to the theater to see a movie; I always wait until they are released on DVD (and thus, old news, lol).

Jeff's Top Horror Films of 2010

Best Horror Movies of 2010 (About.com)

I managed to see four films on the lists:

Daybreakers: I was psyched about the premise (vampires are the dominant species/ruling culture), and there is so much they could have done with the idea--but they didn't. I was unimpressed.

Legion: Also not impressed. I loved the little granny who clings to the ceiling and the ice cream man, but the rest of the movie was pretty lame. The only good that came out of that movie is that our family still jokes about it, often quoting the little granny's line about the babies and joking around about ice cream man phobia (the ice cream truck actually parked right beside my house last summer, and I sent photos to everyone with the caption "Help! Send more ammo!").

Shutter Island: I liked it, but not as much as most other people seem to. It was interesting and suspenseful at first, but the ending seemed a bit contrived and disappointing.

Predators: My fav for 2010. I was skeptical about the whole Topher Grace thing, but I ended up pleasantly surprised. It was much better than AVP Requiem.

So what was your favorite horror movie of 2010?

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