Thursday, December 2, 2010

Beware the Wampus Cat?

I had never heard of this particular legend before, though I've heard many others like it--there must be hundreds of legends about beasts that are part man, part some-kind-of-beast (from Bigfoot, the man ape, to mermaids). What intrigued me about this legend was my own experience with the Bigfoot legends from that region (or more specifically, from the neighboring state of Kentucky).

I know several people that claim to have had run-ins with a Sasquatch-like creature in Kentucky. The most intriguing thing about the Kentucky tales is that the Sasquatch-like creature is often described as having golden or light-cinnamon colored fur (unlike most Sasquatch tales, where the creature has black or dark brown fur).

Interesting! Maybe the Wampus Cat vacations in Kentucky?

You can read more about the Wampus Cat here:

American Folklore

Ghosts and Spirits of Tennessee

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