Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Chamberpot, hippie pot, the world gone to pot . . . and what not.

Woman Shocked to Find Squirrel in Toilet

And I thought I ate some weird stuff. Or maybe she was trying a "green" version of a colon cleansing. Remember the old joke where the bear asks the bunny, "Does poop stick to your fur?" When the bunny says no, the bear grabs the bunny and rubs it vigorously across his bum.

See? Santa Did Get My Letter
Apparently Jessie's been a very good boy! Four hundred thousand dollars worth of good!

Artist Tortures Santa in Gruesome Christmas Ornaments
These are the artist's statement against commercialism, so please buy one. (LOL)

Student Googles Himself and Finds Out He's Accused of Murder
Okay, but did his efforts at Search Engine Optimization get him in the top three results? That's all that matters, you know. And if so, how did he do it (the SEO, not the murder)? Inquiring bloggers want to know.

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