Thursday, December 9, 2010

Merman, Pop. Mer-MAN!

I have never been a fan of mermaid mythology.

Part of it is that I always wondered how they went to the bathroom. It just spoiled the magic for me. And then when I heard that scientists thought the mermaid myths came from sailors mistaking manatees for women . . . ugh! Either they all needed glasses or they had some really ugly wives/sisters at home as a point of reference. Mistaking a walrus for Ariel? Really?

Or maybe it's my dislike of water (I can't swim) or my aversion to girly things (no matter how the mermaid myths originated, they are now solidly "Mermaid Barbie").

But mermaids obviously have fans. Here's a site that has hundreds of mermaid references, including tons of mermaid art and references to mermaid in literature:
Mermaids on the web

And another mermaid info site:
The Legend of the Mermaid

Here's another, though I just don't know about mermaid myths from a country known for its love of cannabis (Jamaican mermaids).
Mermaids of the Caribbean

Maybe someday I'll try and write a mermaid story. But my mermaid will be evil and malevolent, of course.

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