Sunday, December 12, 2010

Your Christmas mission: to explore strange new gifts . . .

Since the holidays are closing in, here's a gift guide:

Gift Ideas for the Ten Major Species of Science Fiction Fan

I know the Tron merchandise is going to sell like hotcakes. I attended a MacWorld party for Mac enthusiasts/programmers/companies (don't ask) in 1999, and the main theme room was a Tron theme . . . from the original movie . . . in 1982 . . . in other words, over half the people at the convention weren't even in kindergarten yet when the original came out.

As for what species of sci-fi fan I am, I am #4 (Star Trek; original and spin offs, except for the last one, Star Trek Enterprise with Scott Bakula; loved him in Quantum Leap, though), #6 (I heart zombies), #7 (vampires; but not Buffy/Twilight/True Blood), and a little #8 (Futurama only).

I can't speak for the gifts recommend for the other species, but the ones recommended in my categories are pretty good. Personally, I'll take anything Klingon. I already have several different styles of Klingon Bat'Leth swords and B'Etor's QIS (yes, I'm a geek. I admit it. And yes, I think Worf is totally hot).

And although I've never been a fan of the Cthulu mythos, I love the Cthulu ski mask. If they make it in pink, I'll take one: I love Dr. Zoidberg (Futurama)! I could SO deal with winter around here if I had a tentacled Zoidberg hat to keep my mug warm!

Hear that, Grammy? They don't make it in pink. Hint, hint, hint. I just hope you can knit fast enough for it to be here in time for Christmas!

(Postscript: My spell-check went NUTS over this post! I guess the Blogger dictionary wasn't made to handle sci-fi speak)!

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