Wednesday, December 8, 2010

It takes all kinds to make a world

My favorite weird news of the week.

Politician urges men to sex strike
Ha! Good luck with that. Their next headline: "NRM Party Wins by Biggest Landslide Ever!"

Man shoots boy in tree after asking if he's a pigeon
So that's where that big plop on my windshield came from!

Idaho White Supremacist Builds KKK Snowman
Only use the power of Frosty for good.
Around here, our offensive snowmen are done by drunken jokers who put Frosty's carrot nose in the wrong bodily location.

Millions of bees dead after invading home
So who the hell was living in this house? Damien? Sir, does your son often have black dogs and crows hanging around him?

Oh, and speaking of Damien . . . I saw another instance when the little bugger must have been around, just off camera, in a video where two crows and a black cat are working together to attack a white cat. Every time the white cat turns around to face the black cat, the crows attack him. Every time he turns around to chase off the crows, the black cat attacks him. It's actually pretty strange to watch. I'd include a link, but the videos have all been removed from YouTube due to a copyright infringement claim--or is it Damien covering his tracks, lol?

It's a weird, weird world!

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