Saturday, December 18, 2010

Humor, mild or spicy. Take your pick!

Today's humor, some with a bit of a raw edge:

Haven't you always wanted to eat Darth Vader's face?
9 Star Wars Products That Will Help You Cook Up a Holiday Feast

So you don't get your elves mixed up. The cookie-making elves are boycotting this site due to being overlooked: Holiday Studies: A Comparison of Elves

And this site is hilarious. I'm going to warn you, it contains a lot of foul language and is not intended for anyone under 18 (so be forewarned). It's a satire site, a la The Onion, but with more foul language and no internal filter what-so-ever (you will be shocked; you'll probably laugh anyway, but you'll still be shocked). It has no religious affiliations: The Landover Baptist Church

And on the "So tasteless I can't believe it" side of things, on the way home tonight I passed by a local saloon and their light-board was announcing "Midget Wrestling Dec. 22nd." Sigh. You just know one of the wrestlers will be wearing an elf suit.

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