Friday, December 31, 2010

From Your Friendly Professional Nag

Yep. I'm breaking out the cattle prod again.

We all know that if you want to be a "real" writer, you need to write as much as possible . . . preferably every day. Maybe that's your New Year's Resolution: write every day. Maybe it's a resolution you've had before, but every time you sit down and face that blank page, you struggle: "Okay. I'm here. Butt in chair, ready to write." And that cursor blinks at you on that big white screen; or that blank notebook looks up at you with all those pristine lines waiting to be filled with your beautiful words. That blank page/screen can be very intimidating! So here are some links to help you out.

Get a daily(ish) prompt at these sites, so that when you sit down at that blank page, you'll have an idea to write about. Use them as morning pages, a general warm-up, or see if you can turn a prompt into a full-fledged story (a lot of my stories started out as prompts)!

The One-Minute Writer

Sunday Scribblings

Dragon Writing Prompts

Writing Prompt (on Twitter)

No Telling

Creative Writing Ink

Bibliographic Junkies (Yahoo Group)

And why do I have all these links? Because I have problems facing the blank page, too. And I have trouble making sure I write EVERY DAY.

I'll plan to hold myself accountable for writing every day by posting my daily progress on Twitter (except weekends; I'm not a slave driver). If you'd like to do the same, you can follow me on Twitter (and I'll follow you back), and we'll hold each other accountable (cheers when you write; gentle encouragement to do better tomorrow when you don't). Just post your progress every day. Let's make 2011 the year we finally make our "write every day" goal!

Or, if Facebook is more your style, you can join Kelly L. Stone's 90 day writing challenge and get the year off to a good start (the challenge ends in April, but that doesn't mean you can't keep the momentum going through the year). You can sign up on Facebook here:

Author Kelly L. Stone's 90-Day Writing Challenge

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